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Watch 2017 Summer Trends Video

2017 Summer Trends

Summer is HERE! We have 5 of the biggest trends of the summer, looks that are totally wearable and easy to find. Overall Retro - 70's style in a whole new way Sassy Classy - Better than basic, classic looks Baby Spice - Feminine and summery Gypsy Summer - Boho x10 Punk Princess - 90's grunge meets 2017
Watch Aiyana's Summer Haul Video

Aiyana's Summer Haul

Everyone meet Aiyana, our newest Stylist! She made her first EVER trip to Plato's Closet and picked up some amazing and adorable pieces that are PERFECT for summer.
Watch Celebrity Style Steal: Kengi Edition Video

Celebrity Style Steal: Kengi Edition

Watch Spring to Summer Trends Video

Spring to Summer Trends

Meet Anna! She's our brand new Plato's Closet Stylist and in her first video, she shares her sweet and dreamy bohemian spring-to-summer trends!
Watch The Perfect Retro, Everyday Look Video

The Perfect Retro, Everyday Look

Plato's Closet Stylist Sami has the retro look down PERFECTLY. From the over-sized frames to the printed blouse to the "mom" jeans, she shows us how to make the nerdy 80's look anything but!
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